RANGE: 30's - 50's

  VOICE DESCRIPTION: Cool, edgy, modern. Friendly, trustworthy, 

  authoritative. Everyman conversational. Believable.

  SPECIALTIES:Commercials, Promos, TV In Show Narrations

  CHARACTER ACCENTS: Sam Elliott type. Low Midwest Strong

"Hey, I know that voice!"

David Byrd  VOice Over Actor 

David Byrd Voice Talent     

Studio 877- 843-3577  Office 951-515-5537​                                            Copyright © 2018 All rights reserved

TV and radio commercials • TV in show narration • TV and radio promos, bumpers, IDs and tags • e-Learning • Whiteboard presentations • Training videos • Animation • Website intros and greetings • Video games • Podcasts • Movie trailers • Live announcer •  Spokesperson •  Documentaries what lots of people say. Could be because David has voiced many hundreds of radio and TV commercials, as well as TV promos, tags and bumpers in his career. A very directable and versatile actor with 20+ years of experience, David Byrd is authoritative, warm, natural and believable, yet cool, modern, conversational, and engaging. 

David's friendly everyman tone is solid yet just edgy enough to really stand out and cut through in commercials, TV promos and movie trailers. And as needed, he easily provides a fun, upbeat, energetic, excited musical delivery in retail ads that creates interest and urgency. 

When called for, Dave can morph into his authentic gritty Sam Elliot type delivery at will. His strong, rugged, masculine cowboy style adds a certain genuine charm that really warms up commercials, promos, in show narrations and animation. 

A skillful, professional voice over talent, David's background in acting, playing music and singing ensures his timing and rhythm are appropriate and effective. 

David is based in the greater Los Angeles area.